Full Service Digital Marketing

At Red Digital Media we develop strategies and tactics that tie in all the pieces of your audiences consumer journey.

We specialize in finding the right audience in the right place, at the right time and delivering them with the right piece of marketing to enhance their digital experience not interrupt it.

Social Media, search, and display strategies are all tied together to create a seamless experience for your audience, across-device, across-channel and across-platform.

Content Marketing

It’s no longer good enough to be next to the thing that people want, or even worse, in front of it. In today’s marketing climate you have to BE the thing people want.

The best content marketing inspires trust, proves authority and expertise on a specific topic, and most of all, is informative and entertaining. The key is knowing exactly who and what your customer wants. It’s not enough just to create content, most importantly, you need to know your audience.

Let our team advise your business on how best to position your product in a way that you are delivering value to your potential customers. We’ll help you craft the best strategies and delivery methods on how to build your content in a compelling, easily digestible way.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is another incredibly important component for digital businesses. Not only does it position you in the top of the search results with high intent, high converting users, it’s FREE. As a result, you’re able to use the content and key components on your site to win business without even trying. With analysis and developer work, our team can diagnose your current SEO, and develop a plan to help you start winning at search.

Search Engine Marketing or Google AdWords campaigns can be built on top of your SEO to deliver the one-two punch to rank as high as possible on search and start beating the competition.

Social and Search Analytics

Transparency is key to winning in Digital Marketing. Always knowing where your budget is being spent and which strategies are achieving your business objectives is key in any digital marketing strategy. Reliable and quality analytics will help your business optimize budget, attribute leads affectively and target more efficiently.

We deliver custom reporting, competitor analysis and opportunity insights in an easy readable way, custom tailored to reflect your business objectives and KPI’s.